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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Do you need a second Opinion? Featured Article

When a patient receives news of what their biopsy showed, there may be several misconceptions. First, you as the the patient may assume that the surgeon who performed the biopsy was also the person who rendered the diagnosis. This misperception may be perpetuated when surgeons do not tell patients that diagnoses are made by someone other than themselves. In fact, when your tissue is biopsied, the samples taken are studied under the microscope by a specialized doctor with many years of training called a pathologist. The pathology report tells your treating doctor the diagnosis in each of the samples to help manage your care.   [more]


New Targeted Treatments for Blood Cancers Show Promise | ASCO.org
CHICAGO Results from four pivotal clinical trials show that new targeted therapies could vastly improve treatment for people with chronic-lymphocytic leukemia , myelofibrosis, indolent non-Hodgkin   [via ASCO]

Family history may not impact breast cancer survival odds
In younger women with breast cancer, having a family history of the disease may not worsen their survival odds, a new study suggests.  [via Reuters]

Doctors lapse may explain some minority lag in colon cancer screens
- Racial minorities may be more likely to forego colon cancer screening than whites because their healthcare providers dont recommend the potentially life-saving tests, a new study in California   [via Reuters]

First cancer-promoting oncogenes discovered in rare brain tumor of children and adults
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital researchers have identified the first genetic alterations responsible for the brain tumor choroid plexus carcinoma using an approach that could help find   [via St. Jude]

Childhood cancer treatment and age influence obesity risk for childhood cancer survivors
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital study finds childhood cancer survivors are 14 percent more likely than peers to be obese; genetics may increase risk of treatment-related obesity for some   [via St. Jude]

  Breast cancer patients and memory loss: New research reveals early intervention can help
Breast cancer patients can experience problems with memory after chemotherapy treatment. This can be frustrating and lead to increased stress.  [more]

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: New research reveals results of "watchful waiting"
The decision on how to treat prostate cancer is dependent on many factors. Many men choose "watchful waiting" over definitive surgery or radiation therapy.  [more]

Breast Cancer Surgery - Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know
Invasive breast cancer can spread through the lymph ducts and blood vessels to other areas of the body. The sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node(s) that the lymph ducts drain into.  [more]



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