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New Study Finds Promising Drug Doubled Positive Effect in Hormone-Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
STORY HIGHLIGHTS In a groundbreaking study that offers new hope for women with advanced breast cancer, researchers from UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have published final clinical trial   [via UCLA]

FDA Approves Drug that Extends Survival in the Most Common Type of Lung Cancer
STORY HIGHLIGHTS The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a new drug to treat non-small-cell lung cancer , offering patients new hope in fighting this difficult disease.  [via UCLA]

Ecuador Tops Switzerland in Colon Cancer Survival Rates
Lung and liver cancers have the worst prognosis among the 10 cancers examined, with survival rates of less than 20 percent in both developed and developing countries.  [via Bloomberg]

UCLA Scientists Discover Why Patients Respond to a Life-Saving Melanoma Drug
UCLA researchers have pioneered a new methodology to predict why some patients battling advanced melanoma respond well or not at all to the new breakthrough drug pembrolizumab .  [via UCLA]

Lung cancer battle: Time for action
For the 108,000 women who are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, Lung Cancer Awareness Month can be a lonely time of year. Lung cancer kills nearly twice as many women as breast cancer.  [via CNN]

  Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Do you need a second Opinion?
When a patient receives news of what their biopsy showed, there may be several misconceptions.  [more]

Lung Cancer: Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Lung Tumors
RFA is a promising local therapy that has evolved rapidly in recent years for the treatment of primary and secondary cancers in the lung.  [more]

Breast Cancer Surgery - Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know
Invasive breast cancer can spread through the lymph ducts and blood vessels to other areas of the body. The sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node(s) that the lymph ducts drain into.  [more]



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