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Treatment Options Tool Now Available on CancerNews 
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Using a patient's clinical profile, including diagnosis and test results, the NexCura® Cancer Profilers match individual patients to peer-reviewed clinical research studies and generate relevant treatment options, descriptions of side effects, treatment outcomes and questions that patients can discuss with their healthcare providers. Patients using the tools on the Internet also gain access to patient-specific summaries of the latest published peer-reviewed studies relevant to their clinical status. The NexCura® Cancer Profilers are available for the 20 cancers that account for 85 percent of the cancers in the United States.

Richard Bloch, co-founder of H&R Block and nationally known patient advocate and lobbyist, said, “Doctors don’t cure cancer. Patients cure themselves with the help of their doctor. Knowledge is the most important ingredient. The Cancer Profiler on CancerNews.com is possibly the easiest and fastest way for a patient to obtain knowledge.” Mr. Bloch is also member of the CancerNews.com Advisory Board.

“The addition of the NexCura® Cancer Profilers on CancerNews.com provides patients with a tool that can easily narrow down their treatment options to the ones that are clinically relevant to their case. This clearly fits with our mission of providing the best quality tools for patient empowerment,” said Richard Brown, M.D., founder of CancerNews.com.

Peter A. Hoover, chief executive officer of NexCura, Inc., said, “CancerNews.com will be a valuable distribution partner to get our educational tools out to more and more of the public, free of charge. The combination of their content and our customized decision support tools provide tremendous value to the newly diagnosed cancer patient and his/her family.” 


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