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Recent Myeloma News
Measles virus used to put woman's cancer into remission

A woman with an incurable cancer is now in remission, thanks, doctors say, to a highly concentrated dose of the measles virus.... [via CNN]

Geron says FDA halts testing of lead drug

Geron Corp said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had ordered to halt the trials of its cancer drug imetelstat due to concerns of liver damage.... [via Reuters]

Tom Brokaws Multiple Myeloma Cancer and His Hopeful Future - TIME

My personal JFK moment came on January 12, 1996. I will never forget that day. I remember where I was, what time it was, even the weather that morning when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.... [via TIME]

Tom Brokaw's Multiple Myeloma Cancer and His Hopeful Future | TIME.com

Time 100 honoree Kathy Giusti explains how multiple myeloma patients' expected lifespan has doubled from what it was 16 years ago Tom Brokaw attends the tour of the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg ... [via TIME]

Novartis bone marrow cancer drug meets goal in late-stage study

An experimental drug from Novartis to treat a type of bone marrow cancer met its primary goal in a late-stage study, the Swiss drugmaker said on Friday.... [via Reuters]

Thalidomide lawsuit settled in Australia, NZ for $81m

A lawsuit filed by more than 100 people in Australia and New Zealand who suffered birth defects caused by the drug Thalidomide has been settled.... [via BBC]

Rare cancer survivors foundation aims to make research accessible for all

When Kathy Giusti was diagnosed in 1996 with multiple myeloma , a rare form of cancer that is nearly always fatal, she was only 37 years old. She also had a 1-year-old daughter.... [via Fox Health]

Featured Myeloma Articles

Multiple Myeloma Treatment: Experimental drug combination ‘encouraging’ in relapsed multiple myeloma 
 SAN DIEGO–When the targeted drug bortezomib stops working in patients with advanced multiple myeloma, the patients survive only an average of five months longer. But a phase 2 clinical trial has show... [more]

Drug for Multiple Myeloma Demonstrated to Significantly Extend Disease-Free Survival 
  Initial results from a large, randomized clinical trial for patients with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, showed that patients who received the oral drug lenalidomide (... [more]

Multiple Myeloma: New Drug Shows Positive Responses, Low Side-Effects in Clinical Trial 
  The second-generation proteasome inhibitor carfilzomib is showing noteworthy response rates and low levels of adverse side effects among multiple myeloma patients in a phase II clinical trial, ... [more]

New Multiple Myeloma Drug Proves More Potent than Thalidomide  
 A designer drug significantly less toxic than thalidomide has shown impressive activity in prolonging survival of patients with advanced multiple myeloma, report researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer In... [more]

Velcade: A New Strategy Treating Multiple Myeloma 
 Velcade is a new drug that acts in a different way from typical chemotherapy drugs. It is rapidly becoming a standard treatment for patients with multiple myeloma who have relapsed after other treatme... [more]

Multiple Myeloma Updates 
 The role of stem cell transplantation in the management of multiple myeloma has been controversial. For many the impression is the procedure is not worse than standard chemotherapy, and possibly bette... [more]


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