Quote from Richard Bloch, co-founder H&R Block, Inc. and founder of the R. A. BLOCH CANCER FOUNDATION

"There is no such thing as false hope for a cancer patient. Hope is as unique with each individual as a finger print. For some it is the hope to make a complete recovery. But it might also be the hope to die peacefully; the hope to live until a specific event happens; the hope to live with the disease; the hope to have their doctor with them when needed; the hope to enjoy today. Just as each case of cancer is unique, each person is different. Each individual has the right to be told all their options and then decide for themselves."

I wish to thank Dick Bloch for sharing his wisdom with us. Click here to read full text of a letter written by Mr. Bloch regarding the value of optimism in the treatment of cancer .
Committment-Richard & Annette Bloch.

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